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Shift One announced a $5.2 million Seed round of VC for its marketplace connecting teams of supply chain gig workers with a focus on last-mile logistics. Promising workers full benefits, a predictable schedule, and “less choppy” wages, Shift One laud itself as “Gig 2.0.” For clients, they offer access to “cohesive teams” in a variety of models including BPO, MSP, and “burst” capacity.

Team hiring and placement never got traction in the knowledge worker market. However, this model might be a feasible alternative to traditional staffing models for skilled and semi-skilled light industrial roles if they can deliver on the value promised for both workers and clients.

$5 billion was invested in HR technology globally in 2020. Get the full report, here.

Source: A New Way to Work: Shift One Closes Seed Funding

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