Companies have never had more opportunities to target the right audience than today. Marketing doesn’t have to be a shotgun approach, hoping your message hits someone who will listen. Instead, you can target with laser focus to market to the right people.

That’s what ReTargeter helps people do. I’m happy to say that ReTargeter, a full-service advertising solution company, is going to be part of the team of experts unveiling marketing secrets at InfluenceHR on May 13 in San Francisco.

In order for companies to see the value of targeting their approach, they need to understand the digital landscape and see results from real companies already doing this. ReTargeter founder and CEO Arjun Dev Arora will share his secrets in the session “What’s Possible: Finally Finding the Elusive HR Buyer in a Digital World.” Dev Arora will speak to his digital advertising company’s experience with the HR market while also discussing the history of display advertising and digital media as a whole.

In this session, attendees will learn not only about the history of digital marketing but also about its future. This includes how offline activity can be connected to online campaigns, how to leverage the power of targeted advertising to reach only the right people, and how companies are shifting their digital strategy toward new media.

I’m really glad that we can bring ReTargeter to the sponsor team for InfluenceHR. They’re experts themselves, not just another company going through the motions.

If you haven’t registered for InfluenceHR yet, get your head in the game. There isn’t another marketing conference like this, and you need to see how one day is going to change how your company goes to market.

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