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An exhaustive look at which trends are impacting the world of work and HR. Research based findings and deep dives with employes and tech vendors inform our ebooks, infographs and blog posts. Since 2012 we’ve been sharing the HRWins Companies to Watch lists of innovative tech and service providers that align with the trends in your workforce.


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AI and Its Impact on the Recruiter

We're on a quest to learn from actual tests of AI and machine learning in recruiting and beyond. There's enough theory out there about how the recruiter's role will change. Join an ongoing discussion about how these emerging technologies are impacting recruiting...

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Podcast: The Future Role of The Recruiter

The problem trying to predict the future of the recruiter role is that we have no history - no use cases - to draw from. New tech like AI, automation, and machine learning are coming at us faster than previous tech cycles. Where does that leave us? With a lot of hype...

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AI, Engagement, The SMB, and The Workforce Today

Bill Kutik fires off questions about HR and tech trends in rapid succession. That's why his show is called "Firing Line." Bill has been covering this market long enough to be called its grandfather.  So, when he invited me to stop by the Firing Line and answer a few...

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What You Haven’t Heard About Google For Jobs

The Google for Jobs announcement has the world of talent acquisition buzzing! There have been a slew of blog posts, articles, and podcasts about largely the same point: how this is going to impact the job board market, and primarily Indeed with its entire business...

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