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PODCAST: $50 Million VC for Greenhouse and the Future of Recruiting

We were onsite with Greenhouse in NYC on the day they announced their new  $50 million in VC funding. Hear from Greenhouse founders, CEO Daniel Chait and President Jon Stross,...

Lifeworks To Be Acquired by Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell, a leading Canadian provider of employee assistance programs (EAP), health, benefits, and retirement solutions has announced that they've reached an agreement to...

PODCAST: 2018 Q2 HR Technology Venture Capital Update

You've seen the Q2 HR Tech VC Update Report, now get some further insight and analysis from HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque. Walk through the high points of...

AI and Its Impact on the Recruiter

We're on a quest to learn from actual tests of AI and machine learning in recruiting and beyond. There's enough theory out there about how the recruiter's role will change. Join...

Podcast: Fixing Performance Management – Can Tech Help Managers Have Better Conversations?

Why are we still talking about fixing performance management? Isn't that old news? Join HRWins Founder and Principal Analyst George LaRocque as he looks at the reality of where...

Q2 2018 HR Tech Venture Capital Review

Q2 concluded a vigorous first half of 2018 for global HR technology venture capital investment, and has already pushed 2018 past all of 2017 for total dollars invested. With just...

Degreed’s Acquisition of Pathgather: A Signal To The Future of Learning

Learning Experience Platform Degreed's announcement to acquire Pathgather could be a glimpse into the future of corporate learning. As businesses are increasingly disrupted by...

Podcast: The Future Role of The Recruiter

The problem trying to predict the future of the recruiter role is that we have no history - no use cases - to draw from. New tech like AI, automation, and machine learning are...

Forget What You Thought You Knew About HR and Recruiting Professionals

The first, of what will be annual, HR Open Source Future of Work Report puts some data behind what many of us have seen coming for years. Just as every function in business has...

Q1 2018 HR Tech Venture Capital Review

Q1 was an amazing start to 2018 from an HR tech venture capital investment perspective. In all of 2017 we tracked about $1.1 billion of pre-IPO venture capital investment. Q1...

HRWins Trend Report: Brainhacking Employees For Their Own Benefit

Can HR leverage brainhacking techniques used by programmers to make apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram more engaging and even addictive to help employees? Brainhacking....

2017 HR Tech VC Look-back

We track as much of the venture capital flowing into HR tech as we can find. While some people might follow the money purely from a financial perspective, no one here...

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