In two months the big show for HR technology practitioners and vendors takes place in Las Vegas. The annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition™.

It’s the big show. The industry’s main event. For a few days, the global HR technology community converges in one city. As an HR tech vendor, it’s the place not to be missed. It’s not just tech buyers that are there. Analysts, press, influencers, and investors all create an ecosystem of sorts. Never mind the partnership and channels discussions that take place between vendors at InfluenceHR and around the big tent of HR Tech.

Well-funded and bigger brands in HR technology pull out all of the stops. The booths are big and are only over-shadowed by the branding throughout the Mandalay Bay and the sponsored parties during the evening.

What’s a start-up, or emerging vendor to do? Over the years, I’ve seen my share of start-ups out execute the big players and make HR Tech worth attending or exhibiting in the start-up pavilion. It doesn’t have to take big bank rolls, but it does take some planning and some focus on execution pre, during, and post event.

I’ve created this infographic to help you with your planning. Because, you’re already planning for this, right?

If this piques your interest and you’d like to have a conversation about how to get ready, just get in touch with me here.


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