On Monday, May 13 just over 100 Executives from the HR Service and Technology space got together in San Francisco for the inaugural InfluenceHR Symposium.

I created the event based on continued questions from many of the Executives that ended up being in the room.  They were asking for access to real actionable content about understanding the HR Buyer and how best to market to them.  They wanted more than just content, though.  They wanted a conversation with their contemporaries.

There was a lot of excitement and momentum leading up to the event.  I was thrilled with the result.

Most of the presenters mirrored those in the audience – CEOs (more than half of the attendees) and Customer Facing and/or Strategy-Driving Executives (the other half).  Some of the biggest brands in the space were represented – several even sending teams.  Emerging, early stage startups were there, and EVERY size vendor in between.  There was a broad cross section of industry segments represented in the room, also.

Most importantly, InfluenceHR was the conversation we had hoped for.  An open, honest conversation about existing and new strategies.  About what’s working and what isn’t.  About what actually helps the buyer.  About how we can do a better job understanding the buyer, and in turn communicating with them.

I was humbled by the talent in the room.  Honored that they were there.  Every single person at InfluenceHR , speakers and attendees alike, contributed to make the day an incredible learning experience.

Once again, based on the interest of all involved, we’re going to keep the conversation going.  This October in New York City.

We’ll have a fresh agenda, taking into account the feedback from those that were in San Francisco.

We have speakers with exciting topics already lining up.  We’re days away from formalizing and announcing the location and firm date.

This time we’ll have a selected panel of HR Buyers in the room to give some direct perspective.

We’re also keeping the conversations going between now and October.  Those in attendance in San Francisco will receive an InfluenceHR membership, where they get exclusive access even further exclusive content and analysis about marketing to the HR Buyer. Exclusive opportunities to continue the conversations we started at InfluenceHR with selected speakers, other attendees, HR Buyers, and new experts we are inviting into the conversation.

The energy around InfluenceHR has been amazing.  It’s a true testament to those that attended and their desire to help HR win.  Take a look at the Storify we created from the Twitter stream around the show.  It will give you a good sense of what it’s all about.

See you this October in New York!