When we say that InfluenceHR is going to spend one day unveiling the secrets of HCM marketing, we know you’re expecting actionable advice that can reshape your strategy. The Starr Conspiracy is making those secrets yours for the taking.

With more than 10 years of expertise in the HCM industry, The Starr Conspiracy is underwriting InfluenceHR in an effort to change the way you think about marketing. No redacted reports. No games. Just truth.

Bret Starr, founder, president, and partner of The Starr Conspiracy, has a keynote session lined up that tells you exactly the kinds of secrets you want to hear — “Inside the Honeycomb: An Expansive Model for B2B Marketing.”

After more than a decade of research and field-testing, Starr is ready to publicly unveil the Honeycomb model. It’s a new, expansive philosophy of marketing that eschews the obsolete dogmas of post-bubble B2B marketing strategies.

In his presentation, Starr will introduce the concept of “Drive” as the single unifying element of all business and marketing strategies. He will demonstrate how Drive must be the starting point for all message, brand, and promotion strategies. Finally, Starr will make the case that all prospect, customer, and employee communication initiatives draw their power from a company’s Drive.

The days of the monolithic brand strategy are over, as are the days of demand-generation-dominated promotion strategies.

With The Starr Conspiracy, attendees get more than a sponsor — they get insight and genuine passion around changing the nature of B2B marketing. Those are secrets that an underwriter can share. Those are secrets that can help you change the destiny of marketing.

If you haven’t registered for InfluenceHR yet, it’s time to commit. See you there!

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