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Candidates are customers. That’s the mantra in recruitment marketing. Provide an experience on par with what you give you give your customers, and create relationships that attract the best and then engage them, giving your recruiters a chance to convert them into applicants. Constant innovation has this space humming with a flow of new technologies and approaches. We’ll do our best to help you keep up with it.


2017 HR Tech VC Look-back

We track as much of the venture capital flowing into HR tech as we can find. While some people might follow the money purely from a financial perspective, no one here is a financial analyst. We're following the flow of VC to see what it tells us about the...

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Q4 HR Tech VC Update

2017 has been another strong year for VC investment in HR technology. While companies around the world wrestle with what work of the future will look like, HR technologists rush to provide the answers and the technology to support it. Many of them, startups. Venture...

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HR Tech Venture Capital in 2017 – Q3 Update

HR tech VC investment swelled to $839.3 million year-to-date through Q3, which ended September 30. We've done our best to keep track of all of the venture capital investments flowing into our market in 2017. We have tracked 89 deals around the world so far this year,...

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AI, Engagement, The SMB, and The Workforce Today

Bill Kutik fires off questions about HR and tech trends in rapid succession. That's why his show is called "Firing Line." Bill has been covering this market long enough to be called its grandfather.  So, when he invited me to stop by the Firing Line and answer a few...

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