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Drawing from more than 20 years of HR and technology experience, HRWins provides research-based insights that help employers better understand the changing world of work and the rapidly shifting technology landscape that will empower a digital HR strategy. HRWins reports and other content are free and available in several formats.

What We Offer

Packed with insight, HRWins is delivered in a variety of accessible formats.

HRWins Lists

A celebration of innovation. HRWins Companies to Watch List shows the trends impacting work and HR and the technologies you should be watching.

The Future of HR Tech

Our annual survey of ~1,000 employers. It looks at what HR tech is being bought. What is being replaced. And, most importantly, why.

HRWins Trend Reports

Easy to read eBooks and infographs that look at the changing world of work and HR.

HR MarketWatch Podcast

Explore new and emerging approaches to HR and meet the people developing and implementing the enabling technologies.

The Business Of Getting Work Done Blog

Our blog is where we pair our data-driven insights with opinions steeped over 27 years in the industry.

HR Tech Venture Capital

Every HR tech VC deal we can find, updated live and quarterly with our analysis of what it all means.

Get In The #HRWins

Schedule a briefing to get your HR technology considered for the next HRWins Companies To Watch list. We can’t guarantee you’ll make the list, but we can guarantee to share some feedback.

For Employers

Tech Strategy and Innovation Partnerships for Digital HR strategy

For Tech Vendors

Advisory, Content, Product & Go-To-Market Insights

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