What We Offer

Unique perspective based on real world experience as a practitioner in talent acquisition and HR, a successful career launching some of HR technology’s best known brands, and disrupting the HR market analyst space as an indepdent analyst and advisory firm.


Innovator Lists. The Annual Future of HR Tech Report. Trend Reports. HR MarketWatch Podcast. The HR Tech Venture Capital Lists. The Business Of Getting Work Done Blog. The always free and most accessible HR and HR technology content available.

Employer Advisory

Working with HR executives, COOs, and People Operations leaders as a partner and guide to the future of work. We will work together on your HR and tech strategy so that you can design and deploy new processes confidently.

Tech Vendor Advisory

Product and Go-To-Market Insights based on real field experience launching some of the market’s best known brands. Sponsored research. Thought Leadership. Advisory service that is more than words, it’s tied to deliverables and business outcomes.


Busy executives in boardrooms and at events want to know more about the intersection of technology and work, and the IMPACT it can make on their business results. Engage me to speak if you are looking for clarity on HR’s changing role in the workplace, and the future of HR and HR technology. I am available for industry events, tech user conferences, tech vendor company meetings, industry webinars, and more.

Investor Advisory

Learn about the HR technology segment. Gain insights on the HR customer. Get access to market landscape insights to assist in your due dilligence.

HRWins Founder

George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder of #HRWins has more than 25 years in the HCM industry. A former practitioner in talent acquisition, talent management, and HR, he turned technology vendor executive for some of the market’s largest brands. Now he’s an HCM market analyst and advisor focused on users and developers of HR technology. He is the publisher of #HRWins research and reports on workforce trends and related innovation in tech. He helps employers understand the trends that are impacting their workforce today and in the future. He helps HR service providers and technology vendors with a unique perspective on the HR customers and the changing workforce.

The Story

1989 - 1998

From staffing to employer side talent acquisition to Human Resources. Founder of an HR and Recruiting Outsourcing firm working with dozens of tech firms in the Boston area. We managed the recruiting and did HR consulting for firms like Monster.com, OpenMarket, 3Com, OneWave, and more. We took these HR departments to the web and started branding them there. We implemented HR tech across the lifecycle and a love affair with emerging technology for the workplace emerged.

1998 - 2009

Was one of the first 12 employees at HireSystems (became BrassRing – now IBM). Grew BrassRing, running global sales, to $50 million. Took Deploy (now Kronos) into the RPO/HRO space. GM with P&L responsiblity for HireDesk (now Talemetry). Ran sales for Bullhorn through their first $25 million VC round with Highland Capital Partners.

Managing vendors to funding, profitability, or both with responsibilities across the enterprise.

2009 to present

LAROCQUE, LLC starts advisory and consulting with HR tech vendors, helping them with a variety of Go-To-Market insights and strategies. In 2011 the HRWins Companies to Watch list of innovators was launched. In 2013 launched the InfluenceHR marketing symposium for HR tech marketing (sold The Starr Conspiracy). 2014 launched Future of HR Tech research, and other supporting research reports and advisory services. Regulary speaking at industry and HR tech vendor events on the future of work and HR technology

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