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HR and recruiting advisory and research isn’t reserved for the CHRO any more. Leaders in every people function need an understanding of the trends impacting the future of work and transforming their business. HRWins makes sense of the market trends, cuts through the hype, and provides insights that help you understand what matters most to your business. We provide research, opportunities to meet and learn from other people-focused leaders, and Future of Work advisory memberships that you can afford to fit in your personal professional development plan.

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Featured Stories

PODCAST: Making Your Business Case for HR Software

Making the business case to buy new, or replace existing, HR technology can be a daunting task. That's probably why we spend a lot of our time at HRWins with employers on this...

Are Recruiting Leaders Marketers?

HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque looks at one of the biggest challenges facing recruiting leaders globally today: the widening capability and skills they have...

2019 HCM Trends Report: HR’s Opportunities To Impact Work

I've worked with my partners in the HR Federation to bring you this 2019 HCM trends report spanning all categories of work, HR, and technology. Good news! HR and HR technology is...

PODCAST: Closing The Talent Loop

Join HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque as he explores one of the biggest opportunities for employers and HR technology: internal mobility. The job market and...

LinkedIn Explodes Into the Recruiting ATS Market

There has been some well-deserved excitement surrounding LinkedIn's new applicant tracking system (ATS) TalentHub, announced at this year's Talent Connect event. Supported by...

PODCAST: Robots Finding Our Resumes

Join HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque as he explores automation and AI in recruiting. We've all agreed that automating administrative tasks is a good thing,...

PODCAST: When Will Robots Start Scheduling The Interviews?

Join HRWins Principal Analyst and Founder George LaRocque as he looks at one of the most surprisingly complex parts of the hiring process: interview scheduling. Learn why it's so...

Q3 2018 HR Tech Venture Capital Review

Q3 surpassed all expectations for global HR technology venture capital investment, itself exceeding all of the VC we tracked in 2017 and bringing the year-to-date (YTD) 2018...

Rethinking HR Tech Analysts & Influencers

Of all of the conversations I have with HR technology vendors, one of the most frequently recurring is about how and why they might want to work with HR technology market...

PODCAST: Are Robots Really Coming For Recruiters’ Jobs?

Join HRWins Founder and Principal Analyst George LaRocque as he continues to cut through the Artificial Intelligence hype and find the out how this technology is being uses, what...

$40 Million VC to Culture Amp to Help Biz Leaders Put Culture First

We caught up with Didier Elzinga CEO and Founder of Culture Amp hours after they announced their $40 million round of venture capital funding. We talk about all things Culture...

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