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Salesforce and Oracle, wait Workday, Partner!

This summer the big news was Salesforce partnering with Oracle. Today the big news is Salesforce REITERATING it’s partnership with Workday. File this one under, “Let’s confuse the hell out of the HR Buyer.” The Oracle partnership points to a 9 year agreement where the Oracle ERP and HCM solutions will integrate with Salesforce.com, allowing […]

Salesforce.com Rattles Its Saber in the HCM Market

On September 22 I called your attention to what seemed like an obvious move for Salesforce.com in this post Today, salesforce.com (SFDC) announced it’s intent to acquire Rypple.  Rypple is a small Ontario, Canada based performance management vendor.  This is SFDC’s first formal move in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space.  But, in my opinion, […]

Update: If Work Management is the Next Hot Trend, There Might Be A New Sheriff In Town

Seven days (5 business days) until HR Tech kicks off.  How did that happen? Since I originally posted this, two interesting things have happened.  The morning after I published Workday blogged that they intend to release an app built on salesforce.com’s platform.  (see the blog post here)  The bulk of the post is about their […]