HRWins provides insights on the future of HR, People Operations, Leadership, and Talent. Perspective that only comes from experience as a practitioner, HR technology executive, and industry analyst. Nothing about your business is “one-size-fits-all”. Whether you’re a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise HRWins provides context in an HR technology world where everything sounds the same.


Helping employers and tech providers make sense of each other and market trends. Work with an advisor that’s actually done the job. Leveraging experience as an HR and recruiting leader, a tech vendor exec launching some of the market’s most successful brands, and years as an independent advisor and consultant to firms of all sizes.

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A special lens on new and innovative HR technology from emerging and established technology companies. Join us on a quest to find what workforce trends and technologies really matter to the world of work and HR.

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The 2018 Future of HR Tech Report is available for free! We surveyed over 1,000 employers to discover what HR Tech is being used, purchased, and replaced. What are the challenges across all HR tech categories? And, what are employers’ goals for HR Tech in 2018.

Featured Report

HRWins Top HR Companies To Watch List: Employee Experience Is Everything, is available now. Learn how employee experience is impacting all of the employee lifecycle, from pre-hire through every day of employement, and meet the HR technologies that are leading the way with HR.

Featured Report

We’re sharing all of the data we have on every HR tech VC deal we could find in 2017. We’ve thrown in our analysis and opinions on the trends the 2017 deals represent and what we think it will mean for 2018.

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