InfluenceHR NY Sessions Take Agile Marketing to a New Level


One of my favorite things to share is when we’ve got new additions to our agenda. InfluenceHR New York is bringing actionable insight from today’s leading companies and bringing it front and center.

Take a look at, JUST SOME OF, the panelists and speakers who are going to share the expertise they bring to work each day:

  • Entrepreneur Panel — Making the Market Shake Up and Down: Today’s market is filled with new innovations and startups that see opportunities to thrive when others say there’s no room to grow. Join moderator Suzy Jackson and Charles Pooley from Workfolio, Joe Essenfeld from JIBE, Adam Lewis from Apploi, and Cheryl Swirnow from Sherpaa. They’ll discuss how their companies are disrupting the HR technology space with innovative marketing programs and clearly articulated strategies that speak to multiple constituencies — from the traditional HR buyer to venture capital firms.
  • Land and Expand — How Customer Success Drives Recurring Revenue and Reduces Customer Churn: Selling HR software and hoping customers figure out how to use it is a failed concept. Join HireVue’s Chip Luman as he shares insight into how to use a shared customer success plan to cement relationships, gain commitment from buyers, and extend future sales opportunities.
  • Marketing Panel — Continuing the Discussion: The Importance of Customer Advocacy in the HCM Market: Nothing beats the power of positive word-of-mouth marketing, especially in a people-focused market like HCM. Through their social endorsements, referrals, and positive references, fans and admirers have an enormous impact on brand perception, demand creation, and revenue acceleration. Reputation Capital Media Service’s Mary Ellen Slayter will be hosting a panel with Influitives Mark Organ, Achievers Rob Catalano, and Ceridian’s Carlos Gonzalez as they examine the power of customer advocacy in the HCM market.

When you’re looking to target the HR buyer, look no further than InfluenceHR. You can review the rest of the agenda online (did I mention our keynote speaker is CMO Mike Volpe from HubSpot?). For one day, you’re going to have marketing insight that keeps companies competitive and nimble.

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