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Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership A Sign of Things To Come for Recruitment Marketing Tech?

Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership Reflects Trends Identified In Recent #HRWINS Employer Research The timing of the announcement that HealthcareSource is integrating its talent acquisition and talent management platform with Talemetry’s recruitment marketing platform was particularly interesting to me. I just returned from the inaugural Talent Acquisition Technology conference in Austin, and the discussion was overwhelmingly about recruitment […]

Candidate Experience Is Not A Moment. Recruitment Marketing Is Not An App

  Talent acquisition leaders at employers of all sizes should take a long hard look at the latest Candidate Experience Research Report. It’s chock full of analysis and perspective on how employers and their employment brands are performing in the market from both the employer and the candidate perspective. One of the biggest take-aways from […]

#hrwins Trend Report: The Candidate Experience Spin


Candidate experience is paramount for employers. I’m glad everyone is talking about it. I’m especially glad that employers are starting to come around to this. Hat tip to The Talent Board and their Candidate Experience Awards for getting the industry to focus on this. I’m also glad that talent acquisition technology vendors are starting to align […]

2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch Vendor Report: SmashFly

Recruitment is Branding. Recruitment is Marketing. Recruitment is Sales…. and so it goes. This is a conversation that has been evolving for over 20 years. Of course there are nuances to Recruitment that differentiate it from corporate branding, marketing, or sales, but at its core the analogy has stood up to the test of time. […]

#hrwins HR Companies To Watch Vendor Report: Talemetry (Talent Technology Corp)

  In companies with more than 1,000 employees implementing Social Recruiting technology can be a challenge.  The legacy Talent Management and HR Systems have never been strong for sourcing Talent and the rapid growth of Social Recruiting has painfully amplified this weakness over the last few years. Enter Talent Technology Corporation (TTC) and their Talemetry […]