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AI, Engagement, The SMB, and The Workforce Today

Bill Kutik fires off questions about HR and tech trends in rapid succession. That’s why his show is called “Firing Line.” Bill has been covering this market long enough to be called its grandfather.  So, when he invited me to stop by the Firing Line and answer a few questions about HR tech, I didn’t […]

NEW REPORT: The Ideal Employee Engagement Toolkit

You don’t need an analyst to tell you that employee engagement happens between managers and their staff. Between leaders and their teams in the field, on the shop floor, in the conference room, or on the video conference. We’ve learned a lot about employee engagement in the last few years as we’ve looked critically at the […]

Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership A Sign of Things To Come for Recruitment Marketing Tech?

Talemetry and HealthcareSource Partnership Reflects Trends Identified In Recent #HRWINS Employer Research The timing of the announcement that HealthcareSource is integrating its talent acquisition and talent management platform with Talemetry’s recruitment marketing platform was particularly interesting to me. I just returned from the inaugural Talent Acquisition Technology conference in Austin, and the discussion was overwhelmingly about recruitment […]

The Future of HR Technology Is Being Rewritten

In our latest #HRWINS research we surveyed 974 employers. We looked at what HR technology they’re using – what they’re replacing – and why. We looked at how they’re applying HR technology to impact their businesses – leveraging HR Data and understanding its impact on business outcomes in impressive ways. These innovative employers had one […]

What You Missed About Randstad’s Acquisition of Monster

Slow Your Roll When a big acquisition happens, like Randstad acquiring Monster last week for $429 million, there is a rush of posts from media, analysts and bloggers sharing their opinions about it. Being under water with client work, I couldn’t join the opinion stampede, but I did find time to review much of what […]

Your CFO Won’t Fund Employee Engagement

But, We Found Out What They Will Fund As part of the research for “Purpose Meets Performance”, the latest #HRWINS report, I surveyed 600 employers in the U.S.A.  A whopping 63% of respondents identified that measuring employee engagement is not a priority for their CFO. Furthermore, 58% of respondents stated that they had no strategy […]

Trend Report: The HR Technology Platform Vs. Point Solution Battle Is Over


The debate over whether HR technology customers will adopt platforms or point-solutions is over and there is a clear winner emerging: The informed customer. For a long time now in the HR technology market we’ve been discussing and debating whether HR customers would adopt platforms or point solutions in order to address their HR technology […]

#hrwins Trend Report: The Candidate Experience Spin


Candidate experience is paramount for employers. I’m glad everyone is talking about it. I’m especially glad that employers are starting to come around to this. Hat tip to The Talent Board and their Candidate Experience Awards for getting the industry to focus on this. I’m also glad that talent acquisition technology vendors are starting to align […]

Salesforce Just Made Things Really Interesting In The HCM Game

GL-#HRWINS_LOGO_XSM has been toying with the HR technology market for four years via acquisitions, partnerships, and substantial investments (the most recent being the HUGE round for FinancialForce in April 2015). In 2011 I called Salesforce the possible dark horse for HCM.  Along the way I’ve chronicled Salesforce’s moves in HCM here. Now they’re here. In our […]

#hrwins Trend Update: Small and Medium Businesses Are Driving HR Technology Innovation

smb huge impact

I’ve been watching HR technology innovation get taken over by the requirements of the SMB since 2012. I was interviewed by Namely, an emerging HCM technology player, about why the SMB loves HR technology so much. You can read the article here. You’ll see that I talk about a perfect storm of macro tech and […]