2016 #HRWINS Companies To Watch To Be Selected

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to announce that the process for selecting the 2016 #HRWINS Companies to Watch is under way! The #HRWINS Companies to Watch List is an ongoing look at the trends impacting employers and the workforce, and the technology products that are innovating and aligning with those trends. The trends […]

What You Missed About Randstad’s Acquisition of Monster

Slow Your Roll When a big acquisition happens, like Randstad acquiring Monster last week for $429 million, there is a rush of posts from media, analysts and bloggers sharing their opinions about it. Being under water with client work, I couldn’t join the opinion stampede, but I did find time to review much of what […]

LAST CHANCE to Register for the HR Technology Conference Awesome New Competition!

HR Tech’s Most Anticipated Startup Award Gets a New Format HR technology startups have through June 30 to register to be considered for the AWESOME NEW TECHNOLOGY session at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Chicago. I’m excited to be one of the coaches in this year’s session for startups along with my friends […]

Your CFO Won’t Fund Employee Engagement

But, We Found Out What They Will Fund As part of the research for “Purpose Meets Performance”, the latest #HRWINS report, I surveyed 600 employers in the U.S.A.  A whopping 63% of respondents identified that measuring employee engagement is not a priority for their CFO. Furthermore, 58% of respondents stated that they had no strategy […]

What We Really Know About the Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion. That’s all any of us really know. The rest of what you’ve read, beyond any pure financial analysis of the deal, is complete and utter projection. Even Microsoft and LinkedIn have nothing but possibilities to drop into a PowerPoint for us to gaze at. They’ll be figuring out […]

#hrwins Executive Brief: Where Purpose Meets Performance

  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker Drucker is credited with saying it best.  Any business leader you respect or emulate has found their own way to say it. Studies upon studies have proven it: Culture is the ultimate driver of business performance. It’s what attracts employees, it inspires and engages them, and gets them to […]

#hrwins eBook: The Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Platform Emerges

  #HRWINS eBook Outlines Emerging Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Technology Every where I go enterprise talent acquisition leaders are venting their frustration with the legacy tech that they’re currently using. It isn’t all about a lack of features or a lack of new innovative software on the market. They feel that they have access to more […]

Candidate Experience Is Not A Moment. Recruitment Marketing Is Not An App

  Talent acquisition leaders at employers of all sizes should take a long hard look at the latest Candidate Experience Research Report. It’s chock full of analysis and perspective on how employers and their employment brands are performing in the market from both the employer and the candidate perspective. One of the biggest take-aways from […]

Trend Report: The HR Technology Platform Vs. Point Solution Battle Is Over


The debate over whether HR technology customers will adopt platforms or point-solutions is over and there is a clear winner emerging: The informed customer. For a long time now in the HR technology market we’ve been discussing and debating whether HR customers would adopt platforms or point solutions in order to address their HR technology […]