#hrwins eBook: The Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Platform Emerges

  #HRWINS eBook Outlines Emerging Modern Enterprise Talent Acquisition Technology Every where I go enterprise talent acquisition leaders are venting their frustration with the legacy tech that they’re currently using. It isn’t all about a lack of features or a lack of new innovative software on the market. They feel that they have access to more […]

Candidate Experience Is Not A Moment. Recruitment Marketing Is Not An App

  Talent acquisition leaders at employers of all sizes should take a long hard look at the latest Candidate Experience Research Report. It’s chock full of analysis and perspective on how employers and their employment brands are performing in the market from both the employer and the candidate perspective. One of the biggest take-aways from […]

Trend Report: The HR Technology Platform Vs. Point Solution Battle Is Over


The debate over whether HR technology customers will adopt platforms or point-solutions is over and there is a clear winner emerging: The informed customer. For a long time now in the HR technology market we’ve been discussing and debating whether HR customers would adopt platforms or point solutions in order to address their HR technology […]

Selecting the Right HR Technology

Over on larocqueinc.com I’m sharing some of what I learned from the HR pros that joined me on an HR tech conference panel to share their experiences selecting HR technology solution providers in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and HCM/core HR. I found it a really interesting discussion. Click here to pick up a few tips […]

#hrwins HR Tech Edition

Last week the HR technology industry convened in Las Vegas for the the annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition. It’s always an exhilarating few days of non-stop meetings and incredible content focused on the intersection of workforce trends and the HR technology that is helping business address them. I’m excited for the HR tech industry. […]

Talent Acquisition Is Being Disrupted

This batch of #hrwins Top HR Companies To Watch for Talent Acquistion was exciting to put together. I cut my teeth in this space as a recruiter and talent management professional over a period of 10 years. Then, I moved on to the tech side, launching some of the biggest brands in this segment to this […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Employee Engagement Is Being Disrupted

In 2012 we all noticed that employee engagement was ripe for disruption. Global employee engagement had been stagnant for years (and still is!). At the time the large enterprise was stuck with annual surveys and disparate solutions, normally involving large amounts of consulting dollars. The SMB? They were left to fend for themselves. Now here we […]

#hrwins Trend Report: The Candidate Experience Spin


Candidate experience is paramount for employers. I’m glad everyone is talking about it. I’m especially glad that employers are starting to come around to this. Hat tip to The Talent Board and their Candidate Experience Awards for getting the industry to focus on this. I’m also glad that talent acquisition technology vendors are starting to align […]