#hrwins: Looking For Innovative HR Technology At The HRO Today Forum


#hrwins has a new look and a new format. What was an annual recognition of fifteen to twenty of the most innovative solutions in HR technology is now an ongoing celebration of HR tech innovation across all categories.

I’ll still be honoring the #hrwins Companies To Watch in October. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of product reviews and briefings. But, now whenever I see something interesting you’ll hear about it on the #hrwins. And, I’ll start that next week while I’m attending the HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia. (Assuming I see something interesting while I’m there)

#hrwins now has it’s own page!

We’ve categorized all of the existing #hrwins posts. You can easily pull up posts on the categories of HR technology, or the market trends you’re interested in.

For those of you new to the #hrwins, it’s the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.  We firmly believe that when HR Technology vendors innovate and market and sell their products properly, HR wins.

#hrwins analyzes HR technology via comprehensive briefings, where hundreds of vendors are evaluated on their solution’s innovation, the value their technology delivers to the Human Resources profession, and the overall viability of the products. Vendors in virtually all segments of HR Technology are evaluated.  It’s an exhaustive, and exhausting, process.  Innovation is not limited to the bits and bytes of a solution, or a solution’s trendiness.  We look for new, innovative, ways of addressing real HR challenges through the implementation of technology.

When HR Technology vendors innovate they create an opportunity for HR, and the business of getting work done, to proceed to a much more desirable level. When HR Technology vendors innovate, HR wins, hence #hrwins was born.

If you’d like to get your product considered for the #hrwins, just get in touch and we’ll schedule a briefing.

If you’re in Philly at HRO Today next week, reach out get on my calendar!


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