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#hrwins – Many Platforms Get Supersized While Apps Get Sliced Thin

Interesting #hrwins briefings recently. As much as the platforms extend, the apps slice the solutions more and more thinly. Research suggests that users are comfortable with an integrated solution, and at the same time concerned about user experience more than ever. Question is becoming what is the threshold where customers/users are comfortable integrating, and for […]

#hrwins Trend Report: It’s All of the Platforms vs. All of the Point Solutions in All of the Categories

  We’re well on our way to completing more than 120 briefings as a part of #hrwins.  In our first Trend Report we looked at How Work Gets Done Is Changing, and how HR Will Change With It.  The resulting barrage of solutions hitting the Human Capital Market paves the way for our second trend: […]

#hrwins: Trend Report – How Work Gets Done is Changing & HR Will Change With It

  We’re well on our way to completing more than 120 product briefings for the 2012 #hrwins   Trends are starting to take shape. Starting off we’ll look at trends in HR Tech innovation at a high level.  We’ll save getting more granular on market segments, vendors/products, and specific technologies after considering the forces driving innovation. The seemingly […]

A Favor For Innovating HR Tech Vendors and Bill Kutik

You’re welcome. If you’re an HR Tech Vendor and you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you know that I’ve been challenging the market to innovate in the wake of recent acquisition activity.  I truly believe that there is an opportunity for innovative HR Tech vendors to execute and become the next big thing in […]

#hrwins Woot! Woot!

#hrwins Woot!  Woot!

Innovation.  Lots of buzz going on these days about it.  Our economy is becoming more and more driven by knowledge discovery or new ideas.  Businesses are looking for a new breed of leaders and staffers –  there is a new type of company filled with professionals that can drive results while exponentially increasing business value […]