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B2B and HCM Sponsors Heading to the Big Apple for InfluenceHR New York

The sponsors are lining up for InfluenceHR New York. We’re happy to announce that The Starr Conspiracy and Influitive will be participating in October’s event. When you think about marketing savvy, you have to gain insight from all the companies that are setting the trends. One perspective isn’t enough. The Starr Conspiracy helps companies identify […]

InfluenceHR New York: One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

InfluenceHR is taking on New York. With the success of our event in May, we wanted to continue the conversation. InfluenceHR New York is going to be about getting into the grit. Marketing requires a collision between street smarts and business savvy, and what better place to dive into transformational strategies than the birthplace of […]

InfluenceHR: We’re Going To Continue This Conversation

  On Monday, May 13 just over 100 Executives from the HR Service and Technology space got together in San Francisco for the inaugural InfluenceHR Symposium. I created the event based on continued questions from many of the Executives that ended up being in the room.  They were asking for access to real actionable content […]

Gild’s Sheeroy Desai Brings Secrets to Startup Success to InfluenceHR

Startups can make a big name for themselves if they have the right product, the right strategy, and the right people. Just look at Gild, an innovative recruiting technology provider that helps match companies with in-demand tech talent. Co-founder and CEO Sheeroy Desai will be speaking at InfluenceHR on May 13, providing a behind-the-scenes look […]

InfluenceHR: No One Knows Secrets Better Than The Starr Conspiracy

When we say that InfluenceHR is going to spend one day unveiling the secrets of HCM marketing, we know you’re expecting actionable advice that can reshape your strategy. The Starr Conspiracy is making those secrets yours for the taking. With more than 10 years of expertise in the HCM industry, The Starr Conspiracy is underwriting […]

Hey, Who Got Recruiting Innovation Summit In My InfluenceHR?

  I’m excited to tell you about a new partnership between InfluenceHR and ERE! Our events were always scheduled next to each other – always in the same facility. But, attending both shows is more than just a matter of convenience, if you’re marketing technology to the HR buyer these shows go together like… well, […]

ReTargeter and InfluenceHR Are Pushing Companies to Find the Right Audience

Companies have never had more opportunities to target the right audience than today. Marketing doesn’t have to be a shotgun approach, hoping your message hits someone who will listen. Instead, you can target with laser focus to market to the right people. That’s what ReTargeter helps people do. I’m happy to say that ReTargeter, a […]

The KeyNote Alone Is Worth The Trip To InfluenceHR

  I’m so excited about the KeyNote presentation we’ve secured for InfluenceHR. Mark Organ is the person credited with creating marketing automation.  He was the founding CEO of Eloqua and disrupted the B2B market, putting the technology and the concepts we all manage to today on the map.  He has agreed to talk to us about […]

Introducing InfluenceHR: One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

I’m really excited to announce something we’ve been working on for months.  Last fall numerous Executives at vendors started asking me if there was a place where they could learn about marketing strategies and tactics that were working and that were specific to HCM.  What trends were going to impact HCM Marketing in the near […]