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The KeyNote Alone Is Worth The Trip To InfluenceHR

  I’m so excited about the KeyNote presentation we’ve secured for InfluenceHR. Mark Organ is the person credited with creating marketing automation.  He was the founding CEO of Eloqua and disrupted the B2B market, putting the technology and the concepts we all manage to today on the map.  He has agreed to talk to us about […]

Introducing InfluenceHR: One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

I’m really excited to announce something we’ve been working on for months.  Last fall numerous Executives at vendors started asking me if there was a place where they could learn about marketing strategies and tactics that were working and that were specific to HCM.  What trends were going to impact HCM Marketing in the near […]

#hrwins Trend Report: Are New Video Interviewing Tech Firms a Day Late and A Dollar Short?

One of the trends that emerged through the 120+ #hrwins briefings was the emergence of so many video interviewing solutions.  Three years ago there were 2 or 3 vendors to speak of.  Today there are at least 10 firms providing video interviewing capabilities to the marketplace.  New ones are still popping up on our radar. […]

One of These Things Is Not Like The Others, But They All Look The Same

As I went through the #hrwins process this year, looking at more than 120 HR Tech Vendors, the lack of differentiation within and even across segments was incredible to me.   It’s still a huge challenge in our space.  Vendors need to get better at differentiation, but what the market needs is HONEST DIFFERENTIATION.  Let me […]

#hrwins Trend Report: A Bright Future for HR Technology Users

  One of the emerging trends that presented itself through this year’s #hrwins process results from the convergence of several other, already established, trends.  As Cloud Computing has been accelerating toward the eclipse of OnPremise software in overall market share, Application development has been described more and more as becoming almost an art form or […]

2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch Vendor Report: Jobscience

  For some of us that have been in the Cloud Computing Revolution from its start in the 90s it’s easy to overlook the fact that this trend isn’t old news.  When you roll up the forecasts and market estimates for  the Cloud (here’s a really good roll up from Louis Columbus) you suddenly realize […]

2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch Vendor Report:

Culture.  The HR Technology market is filled with vendors attempting to quantify it for Employers via cumbersome survey instruments.  Once quantified, the idea is that it can then be leveraged to match employees that fit best, and the result is an employee will be more engaged, more productive, and stay with you longer. No one […]

#hrwins 2012 HR Companies To Watch!

The results of the 2012 #hrwins program are in.   The first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories. The program spanned 9 months, and consisted of comprehensive HR Technology briefings, where more than 120 vendors were evaluated on their solution’s innovation, the value their technology delivers to the Human […]

For Some HR Tech Vendors #hrtechconf Is Already A Measurable Success

Gone are the days where trade show results can only be measured in hindsight.  Social Media and other Marketing & Sales technologies have changed all of that. If your idea of pre-show #hrtechconf marketing is flooding email and twitter with “come meet us at  Booth #XXX to see the new, win a new, get a […]

IBM acquiring Kenexa is a Big Story for HRO, not so much for HR Technology

IBM’s acquisition of Kenexa today for $46 per share, or $1.3B is really a very small story in the HR Tech world, but is more of a splash in the HR Outsourcing (HRO) and overall Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market.  Kenexa is a services firm with supporting technology solutions across the entire Employee lifecycle.   […]