If you’re taking an HR Technology product to market you bring LAROCQUE in for some perspective.

LAROCQUE has launched some of the leading brands in the HR Technology space to profitability, funding, or both.

Deep hands on experience and expertise with market segments from SMB to Enterprise, and with products and services that span the entire HR and Employee lifecycle.

An Advisor that has hands on experience, current perspective, and provides real actionable insight.



George LaRocque is recognized as one of the top influencers and thought leaders in the world of Human Resources and workforce technology.  He has amassed more than 20 years in the field as a Recruiter, Talent Management professional, and HR practitioner, HR Technology executive, analyst and consultant.

As the Director of Go To Market Services and an analyst for The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, he is focused on the HR Technology space and involved in some of the most comprehensive and current research on trends impacting HR and HR Technology.

George speaks where people are passionate about the connections between technology, talent, and work.  George also founded, is conference chair of, and regularly speaks at InfluenceHR, the industry’s first ever marketing symposium focused on helping HR Technology and Service marketers be more effective in engaging with the HR Buyer.

Speaking on:

HR Technology Trends

Workforce  Trends

The Job Market

B2B HR Tech Marketing

B2B Sales Trends

See future and past speaking events here.






Connect with George at industry events that he attends and speaks at. George is the founder and conference chair of InfluenceHR, the only B2B marketing symposium for HCM and HR technology marketing.

  • SEPT 28 /

    Connect with me at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

    I'll be covering Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco from September 28 to October 2. If you'll be there or if you're in the area email me to coordinate a time to connect.

  • OCT 2 /

    PODCAST: Hear me on HR Latte with Rayanne Thorn

    It's always a treat to chat with Rayanne Thorn. Her latest podcast series, HR Latte , covers all things work, HR, and technology related. Right up my alley! She always asks good questions and shares valuable insight. Join us Thursday Oct 2 at 10am ET!

  • OCT 6 /

    InfluenceHR Las Vegas

    This October we're bringing InfluenceHR to Vegas on the day before HR Tech! I'm so proud of our agenda - it's our best yet! Be a part of the most important conversation you can have if you're an HR tech or service vendor. InfluenceHR is a one day B2B marketing symposium created by and for HR technology marketers. For one day you get exclusive access to HR buyers, market-leading analysts and influencers, and trailblazing peers. The panelists and speakers are heading up their own companies’ strategies, so they know what they’re talking about. From enterprise-level market domination to startup innovation, we’re going to have it all. And so can you.

  • OCT 7-9 /

    HR Technology Conference and Exposition Las Vegas

    I'll be taking briefings along with the other analysts from the TSCIU at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas. Email me to coordinate a time to connect.

  • JUN /

    PAST: HR Tech Tank NYC June 2014

    It was fun to get to know a few of the NYC based HR technology startups in Manhattan at HR TechTank NYC. I kicked the day off talking about HR technology and go to market trends. There's a lot of HR tech innovation happening in New York. I'm excited to be so close to it.

  • APR /

    PODCAST: Tech Talk Tuesdays - Go To Market Challenges for HR Technology Vendors

    I sat down for a podcast with Rayanne Thorn from Tech Talk Tuesdays to discuss Go To Market Challenges for HR Technology Vendors. In addition, we discussed best practices for tech evaluation and helping HR professionals determine which solutions are best for their organizations. She also grabbed my top 3 pieces of advice for HR tech start-ups. Give a listen!

  • MAY /


    I had fun doing this Content Marketing Primer Webinar for recruiters. I pulled together several case studies, including one special live guest. I'm passionate about the value of content marketing in the B2B world. It was great to pull my experience there together with my experience in recruiting. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!



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HR is changing and so is the technology that supports it. If you aren’t in front of it early, you are going to miss out. Three trends are changing the HR tech landscape at a rapid pace, and my e-book with The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit lays it all out for you. Learn how: Consumer trends are impacting technologies in the workplace The line is blurring between SMB and enterprise solutions The contingent and ever-mobile workforce is changing tech DISCOVER

INDUSTRY BRIEF: (APRIL 2014) 11 HR Tech Acquisitions and What They Mean for HR Tech Users

(APRIL 2014) 2014 got off to a fast start when it comes to mergers and acquisitions of HR technology firms. Most of the companies involved in the transactions aren’t disclosing financials; however, from a sheer number-of-deals perspective, this puts the HR technology market well ahead of its pace in 2013, which saw about 12 visible acquisitions in total. This year’s current pace is on par with what was experienced in 2012, which saw more than 25 acquisitions in total and a similar number in the first quarter of 2012. The 11 acquisitions made so far this year mirror a few of the industry’s more vibrant trends of late. While definitely telling of the acquiring vendors’ strategies, they are even more of a sign of things to come for the enterprise HR tech user. DISCOVER

The Enterprise Learning Buyer, 2014

Exciting to contribute to this project with the TSCIU. In my opinion some of the implications beyond learning were the most exciting to come out of this work. A new mandate for learning professionals to enable the workforce to adapt at speed has major implications for learning and HCM technology providers. This report, based on a joint research effort by Brandon Hall Group, Human Capital Institute (HCI), and The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit delivers authoritative insights and key takeaways applicable for learning technology vendors, as well as any provider of HCM technology seeking to better understand these influential buyers. DISCOVER

2014 #HRWINS

The results of the 2014 #hrwins program are in. The next installment of the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories. The 2014 program spanned more than 12 months, and consisted of comprehensive HR Technology research and briefings where more than 150 vendors were evaluated on their solution’s innovation, the value their technology delivers to the Human Resources profession, and the overall viability of their products.


Based on the number of products and go-to-market efforts being focused on the segment, 2015 may well be the year for HR technology to go beyond just payroll and job boards in the midmarket. Vendors in almost all segments of HR technology declared a dedicated product and/or go-to-market effort focused exclusively on the SMB market. The implications are huge for both the vendors across segments and for HR in general.

truly valuable and thought provoking information

Robert Smith, Rewards Gateway

...engaging, and highly targeted

Mike Overell, CEO, Recruitloop

intelligent, consultative and action-oriented

Robbie Herd, Channel Manager, jobscience

a role model both within the organization and out in the HR marketplace

Gary Cormier, Harvard University (formerly with BrassRing)


B2YOU: The Business of Getting Work Done

HR Tech Trend Brief: Big Implications For HR As HR Tech Better Serves the SMB

user by glarocque
calendarMonday, 20 October

There is a place where HR feels more like the business of getting work done and less like the compliance police.  That place is in companies with between 100 and 5000 employees.  The larger shops in what we call the Small to Medium Size Business (SMB) segment.  In this part of the SMB, HR’s existence is based on a connection to getting work done.  Helping the organization reach it’s goals.  This segment dwarfs the enterprise segment, and it’s where most of America works.  If HR Tech can continue to better serve and empower the SMB segment, it could find itself re-defining HR Tech categories in the enterprise.  Maybe.

Based on the number of products and go-to-market efforts being focused on the segment, 2015 may well be the year for HR technology to go beyond just payroll and job boards in the midmarket. Vendors in almost all segments of HR technology declared a dedicated product and/or go-to-market effort focused exclusively on the SMB market. The implications are huge for both the vendors across segments and for HR in general.

Read more here


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The Best Party At HR Tech This Year

user by glarocque
calendarMonday, 18 August

We all go to HR Tech and attend the parties.  Sometimes we even bring home some swag.  But, what if there was a party where the swag was something that might help you leverage more marketing budget for next year?  What if the swag told the whole world how great your team and your marketing was?

Well, the best party at the HR Technology®Conference & Exposition this year will be the one where you and your marketing team get an award for the amazing work you did.  It’s the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards Celebration.  It’s happening on October 6, the eve before the HR Technology®Conference & Exposition at the Mandalay Bay.  It’s hosted by Human Resources Executive® Magazine.  We’ll be honoring the best marketers in several categories.  Check out the awards here.

Entry to the celebration is free to InfluenceHR attendees, or to anyone submitting entries into three categories.

We’ll be announcing the finalists on October 6 at InfluenceHR throughout the day.  We’ll be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with about 200 of the leaders in HCM technology at InfluenceHR.  We’ll hear from Forrester’s B2B analyst Lori Wizdo about how to compress the time from marketing to revenue.  We’ll hear from Brent Adamson, the co-author of The Challenger Sale, tell us how the B2B buyer has changed and how best to engage in marketing and sales.  We’ll also hear from about TWENTY executives in HR technology marketing today.  They’ll share their experiences, challenges, and successes in reaching and engaging the HR buyer.

I created InfluenceHR because HR technology executives were asking for it.  They told me they wanted somewhere they could come together and have a conversation about how best to reach the HR buyer.  They didn’t want to be sold anything.  They didn’t want the same old “thought leaders” telling them what they already knew about HCM.  No talking heads.  Just actionable insight from industry experts and marketing peers that have their fingers on the pulse.

If you’re thinking about attending InfluenceHR don’t wait much longer.  With the proximity to HR Tech tickets are moving fast and space is limited.

I hope to see you there!



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Context Is Everything. Get To Revenue Faster

user by glarocque
calendarWednesday, 13 August

People don’t buy the way they used to.  They don’t have to.  They don’t have to sign up to a vendors process to learn about a product.  This is especially true in B2B HR technology.  Today the buyer completes 70% of their process before they contact a vendor.  They read reviews, find customers to talk to, and consume vast amounts of third party information.  They have their mind pretty much made up about what and who you are before they hit that demo web form.

This happened quickly.  Every single vendor I talk to is struggling with how to get themselves properly represented during that 70% of the process.  They’re also struggling with how to engage sales people into the process.

The conversation we’re having with prospects is different now.  At all stages.

Context is everything.

What does that mean to the B2B HR technology marketer?

Throw your funnel out the window.  It’s time to rethink your approach to engaging prospects.  You need to look at how they’re engaging and with what content.  This is what drives the definition of qualified or active now.

Your customers are selling, or not selling you, whether you like it or not.  You just don’t control the conversation any more. Buyers are finding your customers and getting insight long before they contact you.  You have got to focus on customer success, and then mobilize your advocates to be the customers that are getting found.

You need data.  You need to be able to evaluate what the right next content or interaction is for a customer or prospect based on their behavior with your assets.

You need a better understanding of your buyer. Director and above in the Human Resources, located in a particular vertical industry” is NOT a target buyer definition.  You need to dig deeper into your buyer personas and really understand what makes them tick so that you can build your marketing and sales messaging in such an ultra-focused fashion that you polarize the market.   Only real research or insight derived from it can help you here.  No more anecdotal BS.

Context.  The right message for the right buyer at the right time.  Based upon what information they’ve already consumed and what we know about them.

If you’re not driving this kind of focus in your efforts, you’re just perpetuating your lack of differentiation.

We’ll be talking about this and more at InfluenceHR on October 6 in Las Vegas.  That’s the day before the HR Tech Conference.  We’ll be just a few blocks away until we join them that evening to hand out the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards.  Check it out.  Space is limited and tickets are going fast.


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Old HR Stereotypes Are Dying Along With Your Pipeline

user by glarocque
calendarTuesday, 12 August

We do a lot of HR buyer research at the TSCIU.  I also talk to a lot of HR technology vendors.

As I talk to these vendors I hear a lot of the assumptions about HR that *might* have been true 20 years ago, but become less and less true everyday now.

If you’ve been around the vendor community for more than a few weeks you’ve heard these gems:  HR is technology averse.  HR is all about consensus.  HR won’t take any risks.  HR isn’t empowered.


While you repeat yourself about HR, you then tell me that the millenials have been in the workforce for a long time and everything is changing.  You can’t have it both ways.

Here’s the deal.  If you focus your marketing and sales messages and efforts toward people that are technology averse consensus builders that won’t take a risk and have no power, GUESS WHO YOU’RE GOING TO FIND WITH YOUR MARKETING AND SALES?

Stop dealing with 20 to 30 year old anecdotes about something as important as defining your buyer .

Start looking at some research, or talking to someone that is looking at it, and define YOUR buyer.

Start focusing your efforts and messaging to those buyers.  The ones you want.



We’ll be talking about this and more at InfluenceHR on October 6 in Las Vegas.  That’s the day before the HR Tech Conference.  We’ll be just a few blocks away until we join them that evening to hand out the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards.  Check it out.  Space is limited and tickets are going fast.




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HR Tech Vendor Execs Did An Amazing Thing Last Year, and I’d Like To Thank Them

user by glarocque
calendarWednesday, 07 May


In 2013, InfluenceHR, the first and only marketing symposium focused on HR Technology and Service Providers was created.  We packed it full of actionable insight and marketing secrets to help you find and engage the HR buyer.  Then you, the top executives and marketing leaders within those providers did an incredible thing.  You gave it momentum.

In May of 2013 about 100 Top Executives and Marketing leaders from the HR Technology and service space got together for the first InfluenceHR in San Francisco.  Then another 100 got together in New York City this past October to continue the dialogue.  It was an incredible success.  Not just because the attendance was more than we expected, but because of the open, honest discussions that took place about marketing strategies and trends impacting the HR Technology and Service arenas.

As a “thank you” to everyone that made the show such a success, we’re offering the most aggressive EarlyBird discount in our history.    We’re back in San Francisco on June 5 with another agenda filled with your suggestions and some major industry announcements that, as an HR Technology and service provider, you don’t want to miss.

We’ve got every HR Technology market segment asked for covered, and more. Every marketing trend you told us you wanted to learn about. Every marketing technology you expressed curiosity over last year.  HR Buyer insight straight from them, and from industry leading experts.  And so much more…

Spoiler Alert!  In June we’re going to introduce you to something new that one InfluenceHR supporter called, “… one way we can ensure we get our marketing budget approved!”

I hope you’re excited, and I really hope you register. It’s only one day, after all. Remember, the Early Bird discount expires TOMORROW, May 7.  If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to send them my way.

Thank you and see you in San Francisco!




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what makes us different

I focus on working with B2B tech firms that are in the Human Resources (HR) and Human Capital Management (HCM) market. I’m available as an advisor for those firms who understand that marketing and sales success requires a deep knowledge of the HR Buyer and substantial GoToMarket experience with HR Tech products and services.  I deliver Actionable Insight, Strategy, and Plans, aligned with your firm’s strategic business goals, empowering you to drive better business results.

I’m the Director of Go To Market Services at The Starr Conspiracy’s Intelligence Unit.  I’m also the founder and conference chair of InfluenceHR, the B2B marketing symposium for HR technology marketers.

I speak and blog regularly on HR technology trends, workforce trends, B2B HR Tech marketing and sales trends, and the job market.




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