Can HR Tech Vendors Bring Brand and Demand Efforts Together? Steve Smith Will Discuss How at InfluenceHR

There are two reasons why Steve Smith, Partner at The Starr Conspiracy, is going to talk about content marketing at InfluenceHR in New York City on October 28:

1) Because after the inaugural InfluenceHR in San Francisco many of you asked to hear more about content marketing. What’s working, what to avoid, and what, if any, strategic opportunities exist for HR Technology companies that leverage content in their marketing.

2)  Because Steve is a content marketing expert.  A former award-winning journalist, this guy has serious writing chops, and as a Partner at a full-service marketing agency largely focused on the Human Capital space, he has seen and done everything content marketing-related.

I asked him what he was going to talk about in his session, and he got back to me with the following. It’s so good, it’s worthy of a guest post, so I asked for his permission to put it here.

So,Steve, what will HR Technology Vendors that attend InfluenceHR learn about content marketing this October 28 in NYC?

HR technology companies have led the way in content marketing. While consumer brands struggle to understand how to use content effectively, companies in our space have never had that problem. We’ve been leaders in using content marketing effectively for demand generation.

Where HR technology companies still have a lot to learn is in the strategic use of brand and weaving brand stories into demand generation content. Brand and demand are inextricably linked, whether or not your company knows how to get them to co-exist. HR technology companies have a lot to learn from their consumer counterparts about brands. There’s a ton of buzz around “brand journalism” in content marketing circles today. Is that the answer? Not necessarily. For many companies, brand journalism will be just another way to get marketing wrong. And getting it wrong is getting more painful.

HR technology buyers are becoming more sophisticated, and you can see it in these trends:

  •  Conversion rates are going down, and the cost of customer acquisition is going up.
  •  Technology buyers view their relationship with brand through a B2C lens. Think Apple. That’s the standard.
  •  Buyers are bombarded with messages. Think about how many more emails do you get today vs. five years ago. More channels, more distractions. It’s harder than ever to rise above the noise.
  •  Buyers are taking on more of the research before they engage with you. Most of the buying journey is over before a sales rep is involved.

How can you bring together your brand and demand efforts? That’s what we’re going to talk about.

This is just one session on what has turned into an incredible agenda, packed with exclusive content for CEOs and Market Leaders at HR Technology and Service firms.  If you haven’t registered yet, do it soon via the InfluenceHR Conference Site.

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